Waiver of Risk

Participation in gymnastics and dance activities carries with it a reasonable degree of risk which needs to be managed in your own home. We, therefore, waive our liability for damage or injury.

Parents and children acknowledge and understand that it is your responsibility to ensure the participant is working in a suitable environment and conditions are suitable.

Children under the age of 18 years are to be supervised for the entirety of the activity by a parent or guardian.

A safe environment, free from obstructions must be provided; therefore;

  • there must be sufficient space where a participant cannot hit, fall or reach any obstacles that would lead to the participant to being hurt or harmed, and,
  • ensure no aerial skills are performed, meaning one hand, one foot must be on the ground at all times.

Ensure any injury sustained during a session is reported immediately to the Instructor leading the activity.

Cyber Safety

As with any activity conducted online, it is important to be aware of cyber safety issues to protect our children.

Some of our programs are run in closed environments – like our video-on-demand programs (i.e. there is NO interaction with the instructor) and some of our programs – like Zoom Live sessions require some “face-to face-interaction”.

It is imperative that, as with all online activity, adults supervise and monitor activity of child participants.

Any online bullying or inappropriate images/messages of any nature will not be tolerated and will be immediately reported to the appropriate Child Safe Representative in your region

Refund Policy

Refunds are available up until 24 hours before the commencement of a program, less a 10% administration fee. Once the course commences, no refunds are available. 

As the responsible adult for a child participant or the adult participant, Iunderstand the risks, agree to be responsible for the activity within my home and will take responsibility for managing the use of technology in the interests of my child/myself.


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