The Artistic Advantage

Origin Story

The area of Artistic Preparation and Artistry Training has gotten a great deal of attention in our Artistic Sports over the past number of years, however, it is not an area that has been well resourced, well understood or well integrated within the regular training regimens of most Artistic Sports programs around the world.

It has been a very frustrating and heartbreaking aspect of my career as a dance specialist and coach to hear how inadequate artistic athletes feel as dance performers OR to encounter amazing coaches who are expected to teach them advanced artistry-based skills when they don’t have the basic understanding or preparation in dance.

The biggest difficulty in developing comprehensive, easy-to- implement Artistic Preparation programs HAS been getting  talented, knowledgeable dance-related professionals to create and deliver products that are adaptive and understanding of the needs of the sport!

 The Artistic Advantage is my humble attempt to start filling that void.  My background as both a technical coach AND a dance specialist has given me a unique perspective on how to combine these two amazing areas!

It is my goal to provide programs, information and training that introduces fundamental principles and techniques of dance and artistic preparation presenting them in a manner that is relevant to artistic sports and directly applicable to athletes, coaches and judges alike.

In the end, once dance becomes as natural part of a daily artistic sports training rotation, the benefit to these artistic athletes and their programs alike will be nothing short of extraordinary!!

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